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Käsityöläiskatu 4a
Turku, , 20100

040 772 1839

Puheklinikka  puheterapiaa asiantuntemuksella


How to find and contact us


Puheklinikka is located in Turku city center on Käsityöläiskatu. 

Käsityöläiskatu 4a, 6.krs, 20100 Turku

When you enter the building (look for a sign that says Meritalo above the entrance), take the elevator to the 6th floor. You will find us opposite the elevators on the 6th floor.

You can reach us on 040 772 1839, or contact your therapist directly (find numbers below). We also gladly correspond via email. 


Annemari Hongell
Speech therapist
040 779 67 33

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Specialized speech therapist, neurology
Professional counceling
050- 344 4343

Elina Uusi-Hakala
Speech therapist
040 664 6015

Nana Lehtinen
Speech therapist, CEO
Developer - Sanapsis


Ida Luotonen
Speech therapist
040 595 1919

Anneli Laine
Speech therapist, voice-therapy
040 846 0818

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